Shadow is being developed to compete in the Outback Challenge. Shadow is based on the Port Models Willy Monster, a 3.6 metre span high wing conventional model aircraft of ply and balsa construction.

Shadow is to be electric powered using the flight power system fitted in the Piper Cub. Shadow will deploy to an overhead loiter under autonomous control, then two small flying wings (link) (Budgies) will be deployed, swarmed with Shadow, which will also provide retrans and data streams from the wings to the base station.

Once the target has been located and a GPS fix determined, the wings will return to base and Shadow will exit the loiter and perform a low level drop of the survival package. Shadow will then be recovered. This is to demonstrate Paparazzi's (link) capability for multi - platform (swarming) control. Swarming allows a single operator control of multiple UAV's in the operational environment.


Shadow is an inexpensive, easy to operate and viable alternative to manned aerial surveillance by fixed and rotary winged aircraft. It can be self launched in minutes close to the target area and provides real time data and video. It can be used to visually locate items of interest by personnel whose primary purpose is to identify and deal with the situation.