UAV Australia's range of lightweight, rapid deployment, portable, computer controlled UAV's are designed to assist:
  • agribusiness,
  • forestry,
  • fire authorities,
  • law enforcement authorities,
  • public safety organisations including disaster relief,
  • search and rescue missions, and
  • extreme weather observation and information gathering.

OspreyUAV Australia's range of lightweight UAV's are powered by energy efficient environmentally friendly electric outrunner motors driving quiet hi tech propellers. Hi quality Lithium Polymer battery packs have been chosen and matched to provide optimum flight duration. The airframes are tough, durable EPP foam capable of rugged operation and handling yet easily and quickly field repairable if catastrophic conditions are encountered.

All our UAV's will be equipped with state of art GPS driven computerised miniature autopilot modules that give the operator a choice of selectable predetermined autonomous flight or control in real time via telemetry up link/down link to the base unit mini laptop computer.

Our UAV's will provide optional real time downlink of multiple video, flight and sensor gathered information, including detection and position of activated emergency beacons, infrared, temperature, pressure, windspeed and direction as well as air sampling.

Our UAV's can be 'swarmed' to provide a coordinated multiple vehicle search and surveillance activity by a single operator.


UAV Australia is exploring conceptual designs of lightweight turbine powered medium to high altitude autonomous UAV's that will provide a low cost solution for real time surveillance and tactical communication networking for border security, military and law enforcement activities.